Working with Linked Data In MarcEdit

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As libraries have sought to make more and more use of linked data in their metadata, MarcEdit has been quickly evolving to meet those needs.  In fact, the work in MarcEdit likely helped to start the current discussion around the embedding linked data into MARC records using fields like the $0 and $1.  Working with Jackie Shieh, we demonstrated a workflow that could be replicated by users interested in reconciling their controlled vocabularies against the developing library linked data infrastructure.

Article: Shieh, Jackie; Reese, Terry (25 January 2016). “The Importance of Identifiers in the New Web Environment and Using the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) in Subfield Zero ($0): A Small Step That Is Actually a Big Step”. Journal of Library Metadata. 15 (3–4): 208–226. doi:10.1080/19386389.2015.1099981

Following the publication of his article, the PCC developed a working group to make recommendations for expanding MARC to formally support the embedding of linked data into MARC records, and MarcEdit continues to be developed to support this work.

MarcEdit currently has three mechanisms that support linked data work in the application.  These include tools to: