What does this error message mean?

In MarcEdit, there are a couple of different error messages that can be presented.  They tend to fall into a couple classes:

MARC Tools:

Generally, users will receive a couple of different errors when working with the MARC Tools application.

  • Results message says: Error Number: -xxx
    MarcEdit can process a wide range of different types of errors found within MARC records, however, when the tool cannot process a file and the loose breaking algorithm cannot recover from the error due to an unknown problem, the application with throw this error.  It is recommended that you run your records through the MARCValidator tool, selecting the Identify Invalid Records Option.  Specific Errors associated with negative error numbers are the following:

    1. Error number: -99:  Undefined Error
    2. Error number: -1: Object Not Initialized
      This error is often caused by one of three issues: 1) An error occurred on installation and the MARCEngine isn’t able to be activated.  If this is the case, no MARC processing functions will work.  2) The .NET framework needs repaired.  3) You’ve found an unidentified problem in the editor that has been surfaced by a malformed record.
    3. Error number: -2: File cannot be accessed due to file permissions.
    4. Error number: -3: Incorrect file type selected for this function.
    5. Error number: -4: Source File not located.
    6. Error number: -5: Source File or Save file is marked to read-only (or is in use)
    7. Error number: -6: XSLT Transformation error.
    8. Error number: -7: Record is tool big to fit into the MARC record structure.
    9. Error number: -8: Selected directory is invalid.
    10. Error number: -9: Unable to create a new directory (file permission issue)
    11. Error number: -10: An XSLT file has not been defined.
    12. Error number: -11:  The format is invalid for the function selected. (generally, this is thrown if you try to break a mnemonic file in the MarcBreaker or make a MARC file in the MarcMaker.
    13. Error number: -12: Generated field (or read field) is too long for the MARC format.
  •  Some Records appear to be invalid and were processed using MarcEdit’s loose breaking algorithm.  It’s recommended that you use the MarcValidator to identify the invalid records.
    This message appears, often in conjunction with a negative error message.  See the description of that message above.


Generally these errors are format errors and will present themselves as application exceptions.  Users have the option to copy this message and provide the information for further debugging if attempting to determine the format error with the MarcValidator isn’t successful.

Delimited Text Translator

The primary error is the inability to create an OBDC connection when trying to process Excel data.  Please see: Troubleshooting the Delimited Text Translator