MarcEdit Mac Port Information

Last Edited: 1/3/2016

Build Status: 1.4.5

Over the next eight months, I’ll be working to deliver a version of MarcEdit that provides a Mac native UI and more optimized experience for OSX systems.  This work began April 15th, and has resulted in a significant amount of progress.  In thinking about this development, I’d broken down the porting work into 3 primary release points.  The first, and largest, being Aug. 2015, where the first workable version of MarcEdit optimized for OSX will be available – focusing primarily on the MARC Tools, MarcEditor, and associated utilities.  The second release would focus on ancillary tools, and the third — a push t0 provide Z39.50 support into the suite.  Between these target release dates, I’ll be providing access to test builds to encourage feedback and feature testing.

Below, I’ve provided a component list, with information related to completion status and when I believe each component will see work being done.  As I begin addressing each of the high level MarcEdit components, I’ll create an expanded feature list to note development status.

MarcEdit Component List

For specific support of individual functions within a component, please see that component table.
[1 -- Aug. 2015, 2 -- Nov. 2015, 3 -- Jan. 2015]
MARC ToolsUI access to the MARCEngine. 100% complete1
MarcEditorGlobal Editing Toolkit for manipulating MARC data100% complete1
Delimited Text TranslatorSupports the conversion of delimited data to MARC100% Complete1
MARCNextResearch Bench25% Complete3
MARCValidatorValidator tool for MARC RecordsComplete1
MARC SQL ExplorerExtract MARC data to SQL for analysisNot Started3
Z39.50 SupportSupport Z39.50 search/retrievalComplete2
Script WizardSupports generation of scripting toolsOut of Scope-
cmarcedit.exeCommand line interface to MarcEditComplete -- but I can't figure out how to get this to install2
OAI HarvesterSupports harvesting and conversion of OAI dataQueue3
Plugin FrameworkNot Started3
MARC SpyBuild in Hex EditorOut of Scope at this time
COM Support/LibrarySupports Windows Automation engineOut of Scope
ILS IntegrationSupport OCLC/ILS integration workComplete2
Preferences SupportSupports the editing and setting of application preferencesComplete1