MarcEdit Mac Installation Instructions

As of June 2015, a native Mac OSX version of MarcEdit is being made available for download.  This version is being made available as a dmg installation file.

Installation Steps:

  1. If you have the old OSX download prior to June 2015 and have installed it into the App Directory — delete it before going any further.  The older builds and the native app are not compatible with each other and I honestly don’t know how well one will overwrite the other.
  2. Download the MarcEdit OSX version from
  3. Click on the DMG and mount the MarcEdit OSX Setup Disk.
  4. Drag the MarcEdit Icon into the Application Directory.
  5. (Optional) Z39.50 Support — MarcEdit includes a Z39.50 Client that utilizes the Yaz library.  This must be installed on your system, and preferably using Homebrew.  Use the following instructions:
    1. Install Homebrew:
    2. If Homebrew is already installed, run the update command:
      >>brew update
    3. (MarcEdit 2.2.30+): As of MarcEdit 2.2.30+, MarcEdit is only being compiled as a 64-bit application.  When installing Yaz via Homebrew, you can simply install using the default settings (which will default to 64-bit).  Since MarcEdit doesn’t use the functions in the icu library — you can install with or without  this dependency.  Use the following command:
      >>brew install yaz --without-icu4c
    4. (MarcEdit 2.2.29-): Prior to MarcEdit 2.2.30, MarcEdit was only compiled as a 32-bit application.  To ensure compatibility with other applications, it is recommended that you install Yaz using the Universal Options.  MarcEdit doesn’t use functions in the icu library — you can install with or without this dependency setting.  Use the following Command with older versions of MarcEdit:
      >>brew install --universal yaz --without-icu4c
    5. And that’s it.  If you install Yaz via other matter, MarcEdit will warn you each time you use the Z39.50 client letting you know that the dependency may not be available.  It’s looking specifically in the /usr/local/Cellar/yaz directory.

And that’s it.  Happy editing.