You can find a number of MarcEdit related tutorials on YouTube.  Here are a few (most with audio).  Full list of tutorials are available from the MarcEdit Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrHRsJ91nVFScJLS91SWR5awtFfpewMWg


MarcEdit: Batch Records Process Enhancement [task support]

Adding task processing support to the batch processing tool. This is a tool that allows users to process all files in a directory or set of directories and subdirectories by file extension.

First Look at MarcEdit 7 Help

I'm starting to integrate an early version of the MarcEdit 7 help into the current version of the tool for testing. Here's a preview of what that will look like.

MarcEdit: Task Management Functionality

A comprehensive look at MarcEdit's Task Management Functionality.

MarcEdit: Alma Integration Demonstration

Demonstrates Alma integration using the MarcEdit integration framework.

MarcEdit: Alma Integration Status (Windows)

Demonstration of the current integration options in MarcEdit Windows. MarcEdit Mac includes the same options, but with some UI differences. These are detailed in a separate video.

Working with MarcEdit and OCLC Connexion

Using the MarcEdit Connexion Plugin

Previewing MarcEdit Macs Plugin Support

It's been a long rode, but plugin support is coming to the Mac Version of MarcEdit. Here's a preview.

MarcEdit Windows/Linux Plugin Enhancements

Video demonstrating the new plugin management scheduled for MarcEdit (all versions)

MarcEdit Mac: working with Fonts and language settings

Initial description of work happening around fonts and UI language elements.

Ohio State University Batch ETD Upload Workflow

This process describes The Ohio State University Libraries' workflow utilizing OhioLINK's batch ETD workflows.