You can find a number of MarcEdit related tutorials on YouTube.  Here are a few (most with audio).  Full list of tutorials are available from the MarcEdit Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrHRsJ91nVFScJLS91SWR5awtFfpewMWg


MarcEdit 7/MacOS 3 -- Looking at impact of Unicode Normalization in MARC records

Looking at how Unicode Normalizations complicate data processing, as well as the trend in seeing more records utilizing mixed unicode normalizations. Given that MARC21 should still utilize a decomposed normalization, the presence of canonical normalizations is problematic. I'm looking at ways to fix user problems and confusion and standardized normalizations across the file (assuming that this is still a necessity).

MarcEdit 7/MacOS 3: Updates to the Linked Data Framework and Editor

MarcEdit 7 and MarcEdit MacOS 3 introduce a number of changes to the Linked Data Framework. Learn more about them here.

MarcEdit MacOS 3: Getting Started

MarcEdit MacOS 3 is available and ready to use. This video documents how users get it and migrate their existing data.

MarcEdit 7: Installing MarcEdit 7 on Linux

Video demonstrating how to install MarcEdit 7 on Linux.

Introducing MarcEdit 7 -- A catalogers best friend

MarcEdit 7 is the most recent version of MarcEdit. Released Nov. 2017, the tool represent these the next iteration of the software. Song is by the world famous: Jeff Edmunds

Task Processing Enhancements: MarcEdit 6.3 versus MarcEdit 7

A head to head comparison of MarcEdit 6 and MarcEdit 7's task processing

MarcEdit MSI Cleaner Update

Updates to the MSI Cleaner to accommodate the changes related to MarcEdit 7

MarcEdit 7: Linked Data Rules File Experimental GUI Editor

Experimental GUI editor for working with the linked data rules file.

MarcEdit 7 Beta: working with local rdf data files

MarcEdit 7 has the ability to take a local rdf data file and browse it using the SPARQL browser or utilize it for reconciliation. This is a demonstration of the current functionality, and a discussion of where this is going next.

MarcEdit 7 Beta: SPARQL Browser Updates

Demonstration of the renewed sparql browser in MarcEdit 7.