Technical Details

System Requirements for MarcEdit 6.3:

  • Operating System: XP SP3 (32 & 64 bit) – present So long as Windows can support .NET 4.0+, MarcEdit will run on it.; Linux with Mono 4+; OSX 10.8+
  • RAM: 8 MB (minimum); 32 MB+ (recommended)
  • Disk space: 25 MB (setup); 5 MB (application)
  • Windows Requirements: Primary Windows Requirement is the presence of .NET 4.0+.

Development Cycle:

MarcEdit doesn’t have a specific development cycle.  New updates come out generally once a week — though updates can happen more frequently as my time for development allows.

3rd Party Tools:
MarcEdit utilizes a number of standard libraries to provide extend functionality. These libraries are released under
their own licenses, though often will be LGPL, Mozilla 1.1, or BSD. For more information about the software,
their source code, and licensing, please see below. You can also find information about MarcEdit’s use of 3rd-party
libraries at:

IndexData’s Yaz Z39.50 Library
MarcEdit Z39.50 Yaz Client makes use of Index Data’s Yaz Z39.50 library.
IndexData Yaz Library License:
Source Code:

Saxon.NET HE Library
SAXON license can be found at:!conditions
Source Code:

A C# port of Mozilla Universal Charset Detector.
A C# port of Mozilla Universal Charset Detector license can be found at:
Source code: