MarcEdit COM API Documents

You can find the link here.  It is often a little out of date — but I try to update these files whenever things change.

Interested in seeing some examples of how these API’s work?  Please see the following:

Streaming Functions:

MarcEdit provides a number of Streaming functions (i.e., functions that allow you pass a string and return a string) for a number of the available functions.  Please note, when working with Streaming functions, character encoding is really important.  To that end, MarcEdit has included a set of Stream Reading functions that can be used to set a particular encoding format.  Format is set via codepage number (see: and ensures that script languages (which often don’t handles encodings well), can work with the streaming functions without corrupting diacritical values.   The stream reader values can be found in the above COM API files, but please see the example below which shows how to open and read a file using the default character encoding (1252).

' Initialize the MARCEngine
Dim obj_MB
Set obj_MB=CreateObject("MARCEngine5.MARC21")
dim rec
dim streamreader
' Initialize the Stream Reader
set streamreader = obj_MB.OpenReadStream("C:\Users\Terry\Desktop\z3950.mrc", 1252)
rec = obj_MB.ReadAll(streamreader)
' Remember to close the reader, otherwise the file could be locked