MarcEdit 101 Webinar Series

The MarcEdit 101 Webinar Series were created over the course of multiple months for the CARLI ( consortium in Spring 2015.  In late March 2015, CARLI reached out to me and requested that these webinars be made available to the larger MarcEdit community, so if you find these webinars useful, please reach out and thank the folks at CARLI.

Couple of notes, these webinars are being made available as is, save for the following modifications:

  1. Attendee names have been anonymized.  While I’m certain most attendees would have no problem with their names showing up in these webinar lists, the original intended audience was locally scoped to CARLI and it’s members.  Masking attendees was done primarily because of this change of scope.
  2. The Q/A at the end of the sessions has generally been removed from the webinars.  Again, these are localized webinars and questions asked during the webinars tend to be within the scope of this consortia.

I’ll be making these video available over the next couple of months.  Again, if you find these webinars useful, please make sure you let the folks at CARLI know.

Session 1: Working With MARC Data

The MarcEdit application is broken into discrete functional areas.  Those areas that  deal directly with the binary MARC data are generally broken into the MARC Tools application section.  This webinar will provide a brief overview of the tools available as part of the MARC Tools functional area.


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Session 2: Working with Non-MARC Data In MarcEdit

Catalogers, metadata librarians, and system libraries work with a wide variety of metadata formats.  These formats often need to be manipulated, tweaked and exported…sometimes into MARC, sometimes into other formats.  MarcEdit has the ability to support a wide range of data types by default to enable users to move data into and out of MARC.  These formats allow users the flexibility to use and extend MarcEdit’s functionality to meet your growing metadata needs.  This webinar will give a broad overview of MarcEdit’s XML framework to support working with XML-based metadata formats, as well as more common delimited and spreadsheet based content.

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Session 3: RDA Helper and Beyond

Libraries metadata continues to evolve and change.  This session looks closely at MarcEdit’s RDA Helper, functions, and integration options.  Additionally, the tool looks at MarcEdit’s MARCNext toolkit — a set of research tools that provides catalogers the opportunity to explore Bibframe and linked data concepts with their own data.

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Session 4: Automatic Record Editing with the MarcEditor

MarcEdit’s MarcEditor provides a robust environment for editing and automating the editing of MARC data.  The Editor provides a wide range of global editing functions, as well as a range of additional record enhancement functions that can be utilized to intelligently add subjects, call numbers, perform record deduplication, and much more.  This webinar takes a broad overview of the MarcEditor, providing and overview and examples this part of the application.

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Session 5: Scripting within MarcEdit

Users wanting to go beyond MarcEdit’s built-in functionality have the option of developing scripts and applications on top of the software.  MarcEdit provides two different API sets (COM and .NET) that enable users to write programs or scripts utilizing the MarcEdit application libraries.  This session looks at how users would utilize the Scripting Wizard, as well as the API to develop their own scripts to work with MARC data.

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