How to Submit an Enhancement

Enhancement requests can be submitted directly to the author at, and I will be happy to respond to the request.  When I receive a request, I consider the following:

  • Is this a one off request?  Generally, I only add functionality to MarcEdit that benefits large portions of the community, and handle one off requests via the plugin framework.
  • Does the request violate the 3 development rules that govern MarcEdit develop?
  • Is the request technically feasible?

When making a request, information is the most important part of the request.  When I develop new features, I create use-cases, that include example inputs and outcomes.  It is very beneficial if you can provide such a story — as it allows me to better understand the request or problem.  Without this information, I have to try an interpret the intent, which can lead to incomplete features and me misunderstanding a request and dropping it because it appears to violate one of the core develop rules in the application.

MarcEdit Development Rules

I follow three principle rules when developing MarcEdit.  These rules have been in place since I started making the application available in 2001, and continue to guide the development of new and innovative features.  These rules are:

MarcEdit is a real-world metadata tool
* The Tool is designed to provide workflows for data problems currently facing libraries right now

MarcEdit is MARC Agnostic
* Too many metadata tools are anglo-centric; MarcEdit has been designed to work within the very heterogeneous metadata environment that we find ourselves today, which includes:
* Support for MARC generally, rather than a particular flavor (unless specifically noted)
* Near universal characterset support (because the world is bigger than MARC8 and UTF8)
* Supports a wide range of Library metadata standards beyond MARC

MarcEdit is one part of the larger library metadata tooling environment
So integrations with OCLC, ILSs (when possible), OpenRefine are important

If you have specific questions related to these rules, a specific enhancement request, or MarcEdit in general, please feel free to contact me directly at or via the listserv at: