Make a MARC File via COM (Function)

‘====================================================== ‘FUNCTION/SUB: Marc_Make ‘Description: Encapsulates the MarcMaker Functions ‘====================================================== Function Marc_Make(source, dest) Dim obj_MK Set obj_MK=CreateObject(“MARCEngine5.MARC21”) lret=obj_MK.MMaker(source, dest) Set obj_MK=Nothing Marc_Make=lret end function

Break a MARC File Via COM (Function)

‘====================================================== ‘FUNCTION/SUB: Marc_Break ‘Description: Encapsulates the MarcBreaker functions ‘====================================================== Function Marc_Break(source, dest) Dim obj_MB Dim lret if fso.FileExists(source)=false then msgbox “Local MarcFile Could not be located. Quitting” wscript.quit end if Set obj_MB=CreateObject(“MARCEngine5.MARC21”) lret=obj_MB.MarcFile(source, dest) set obj_MB=Nothing Marc_Break=lret end Function

Making a Z39.50 Request via COM

Dim lobj_Z3950 Dim lstring Dim sfilename sfilename = “output.mrc” Set lobj_Z3950 =createObject(“MARCEngine5.Query”) lobj_Z3950.Database = “LCDB_MARC8” lobj_Z3950.Host = “” lobj_Z3950.Port = 210 lobj_Z3950.Syntax = “MARC21” lobj_Z3950.Start = 0 lobj_Z3950.Limit = 1 lstring = lobj_Z3950.Z3950Search(“@attr 1=4 ” + chr(34) + “building digital libraries” + chr(34), -1) Set lobj_Z3950 = Nothing ‘show the record msgbox(lstring) bsuccess = Write2File(sfilename, …

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Add a New Field via COM (script maker Example)

File can be downloaded from: add_field ************************************************************* ‘BEGIN ‘ADD:ADDɕɕ=500 \\$aTest Field1. ‘SORT:true ‘END ‘======================================================== ‘ Generated 3/23/2015 by the MarcEdit Script Maker. ‘ Description: The MarcEdit Script Maker is an separate but add-on ‘ utility that can be used to quickly generate vbscripts to process ‘ MARC files. ‘ ‘ Author: Terry Reese ‘ Oregon …

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MARCXML COM Stream Example

Dim objMM Dim xmarc dim path path = “C:\Users\Terry\OneDrive\MarcEdit Downloads\xmltest\” path2 = “C:\Users\Terry\Desktop\” Set objMM=CreateObject(“MARCEngine5.MARC21”) dim fso dim f1 Set fso = CreateObject(“Scripting.filesystemobject”) Set f1 = fso.opentextfile(path + “enc_1.txt”, 1) xmarc = f1.ReadAll f1.close Dim output output = objMM.ReadMARC21XMLStream(xmarc,”C:\Program Files\MarcEdit 6\xslt\MARC21slim2Mnemonic.xsl”,0,2) tmp = output do if len(tmp) > 500 then msgbox(mid(tmp,1,500)) tmp = mid(tmp, 500) …

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Export_Tabbed_Streaming COM Example

Dim obj_MB Set obj_MB=CreateObject(“MARCEngine5.MARC21”) dim rec dim streamreader set streamreader = obj_MB.OpenReadStream(“C:\Users\Terry\Desktop\z3950.mrc”, 1252) rec = obj_MB.ReadAll(streamreader) obj_MB.CloseReadStream(streamreader) lret=obj_MB.Export_Tabbed_MARC_Stream_2(rec, “020$a,245$a,245$b,100$a,100$b,260$a,260$b,260$c,020$z,960$s,960$u,960$w,001″, 1) msgbox (lret + ” finished”)

Replacement Unicode Fonts

Since MarcEdit 4.x, MarcEdit has targeted the Arial Unicode MS font as the primary rendering font used for the application.  This was done primarily because it was easy to get due to MS Office, readily available, and provided some of the best coverage for multi-byte language.   However, as of Office 2016, Microsoft is no …

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