Automatic Updating Error Messages

This knowledge-base article relates to articles with errors like: “System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.   at MarcEdit.frmMain.DoUpdate(String URL)” “An error occurred.  You will need to download this file manually at: Error: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Value of ‘xxxxx’ is not valid for ‘Value’…” “System.Exception….at MarcEdit.frmMain.DoUpdate(String URL)” There are a handful of …

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Make a MARC File via COM (Function)

‘====================================================== ‘FUNCTION/SUB: Marc_Make ‘Description: Encapsulates the MarcMaker Functions ‘====================================================== Function Marc_Make(source, dest) Dim obj_MK Set obj_MK=CreateObject(“MARCEngine5.MARC21”) lret=obj_MK.MMaker(source, dest) Set obj_MK=Nothing Marc_Make=lret end function

Break a MARC File Via COM (Function)

‘====================================================== ‘FUNCTION/SUB: Marc_Break ‘Description: Encapsulates the MarcBreaker functions ‘====================================================== Function Marc_Break(source, dest) Dim obj_MB Dim lret if fso.FileExists(source)=false then msgbox “Local MarcFile Could not be located. Quitting” wscript.quit end if Set obj_MB=CreateObject(“MARCEngine5.MARC21”) lret=obj_MB.MarcFile(source, dest) set obj_MB=Nothing Marc_Break=lret end Function

Making a Z39.50 Request via COM

Dim lobj_Z3950 Dim lstring Dim sfilename sfilename = “output.mrc” Set lobj_Z3950 =createObject(“MARCEngine5.Query”) lobj_Z3950.Database = “LCDB_MARC8” lobj_Z3950.Host = “” lobj_Z3950.Port = 210 lobj_Z3950.Syntax = “MARC21” lobj_Z3950.Start = 0 lobj_Z3950.Limit = 1 lstring = lobj_Z3950.Z3950Search(“@attr 1=4 ” + chr(34) + “building digital libraries” + chr(34), -1) Set lobj_Z3950 = Nothing ‘show the record msgbox(lstring) bsuccess = Write2File(sfilename, …

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Add a New Field via COM (script maker Example)

File can be downloaded from: add_field ************************************************************* ‘BEGIN ‘ADD:ADDɕɕ=500 \\$aTest Field1. ‘SORT:true ‘END ‘======================================================== ‘ Generated 3/23/2015 by the MarcEdit Script Maker. ‘ Description: The MarcEdit Script Maker is an separate but add-on ‘ utility that can be used to quickly generate vbscripts to process ‘ MARC files. ‘ ‘ Author: Terry Reese ‘ Oregon …

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MARCXML COM Stream Example

Dim objMM Dim xmarc dim path path = “C:\Users\Terry\OneDrive\MarcEdit Downloads\xmltest\” path2 = “C:\Users\Terry\Desktop\” Set objMM=CreateObject(“MARCEngine5.MARC21”) dim fso dim f1 Set fso = CreateObject(“Scripting.filesystemobject”) Set f1 = fso.opentextfile(path + “enc_1.txt”, 1) xmarc = f1.ReadAll f1.close Dim output output = objMM.ReadMARC21XMLStream(xmarc,”C:\Program Files\MarcEdit 6\xslt\MARC21slim2Mnemonic.xsl”,0,2) tmp = output do if len(tmp) > 500 then msgbox(mid(tmp,1,500)) tmp = mid(tmp, 500) …

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Export_Tabbed_Streaming COM Example

Dim obj_MB Set obj_MB=CreateObject(“MARCEngine5.MARC21”) dim rec dim streamreader set streamreader = obj_MB.OpenReadStream(“C:\Users\Terry\Desktop\z3950.mrc”, 1252) rec = obj_MB.ReadAll(streamreader) obj_MB.CloseReadStream(streamreader) lret=obj_MB.Export_Tabbed_MARC_Stream_2(rec, “020$a,245$a,245$b,100$a,100$b,260$a,260$b,260$c,020$z,960$s,960$u,960$w,001″, 1) msgbox (lret + ” finished”)