Export_Tabbed_Streaming COM Example

Dim obj_MB Set obj_MB=CreateObject(“MARCEngine5.MARC21”) dim rec dim streamreader set streamreader = obj_MB.OpenReadStream(“C:\Users\Terry\Desktop\z3950.mrc”, 1252) rec = obj_MB.ReadAll(streamreader) obj_MB.CloseReadStream(streamreader) lret=obj_MB.Export_Tabbed_MARC_Stream_2(rec, “020$a,245$a,245$b,100$a,100$b,260$a,260$b,260$c,020$z,960$s,960$u,960$w,001″, 1) msgbox (lret + ” finished”)

Replacement Unicode Fonts

Since MarcEdit 4.x, MarcEdit has targeted the Arial Unicode MS font as the primary rendering font used for the application.  This was done primarily because it was easy to get due to MS Office, readily available, and provided some of the best coverage for multi-byte language.   However, as of Office 2016, Microsoft is no …

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Set Subfield Insert Position

Conditional Subfield Insert: Special Subfield characters: []^ Description: When inserting certain subfield data, like the GMD, AACR2 has a number of rules regarding the placement of the subfield data. In the current version of MarcEdit, users could append a new subfield to the end of an existing one — but for data like the GMD, …

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Batch MARC Record Retrieval using Z39.50

Benjamin Abrahamse from MIT gave this presentation at NETSL in 2010 on using the MarcEdit Z39.50 Client’s batch processing mode to retrieve MARC records.  If you are interesting in this topic, this presentation: https://netsl.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/abrahamsegofishnetsl2010.pdf is a great place to start.

MarcEdit COM API Documents

You can find the link here.  It is often a little out of date — but I try to update these files whenever things change. http://marcedit.reeset.net/software/api_docs/api_com/ Interested in seeing some examples of how these API’s work?  Please see the following: Breaking a File Making a File MARCXML COM Steaming Example Adding a new field Making …

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