Configuring an SRU Server

SRU, or Search and Retrieval via URL (, represents an alternative to Z39.50.  It provides a searchable method over HTTP to return different metadata serializations. Configuring SRU isn’t always as straightforward as setting up a server to work with Z39.50.  While Z39.50 utilizes a standard set of search and retrieval protocols, most SRU implementations do not.  …

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How to Submit a Bug Report

Let’s face it, MarcEdit is a complicated program.  It’s made up of a lot of different moving parts, with close to 100,000 lines of code.  Moreover, it has continually changed and evolved since 1999.  Add to that the ability to be run on multiple operating systems with different installers…there are just a lot of places …

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Managing Plugins in MarcEdit

Quick info: Installation Directory: Plugins are installed in the User Application Directory/plugins. Windows Example: C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\marcedit\plugins MacOS Example: /user/username/marcedit/plugins Version Support: Windows/Linux: MarcEdit 6+ MacOS: MarcEdit 2.2.40+ Available Plugins: AddPinyin (managed by Princeton) Requirements: MarcEdit 6+ Generate Cutters Requirements: MarcEdit 6+ Internet Archive to HathiTrust Packager Requirements: MarcEdit 6+, MarcEdit Mac 2.2.40+ MARC 2 Kbart Converter Requirements: …

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Automatic Updating Error Messages

This knowledge-base article relates to articles with errors like: “System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.   at MarcEdit.frmMain.DoUpdate(String URL)” “An error occurred.  You will need to download this file manually at: Error: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Value of ‘xxxxx’ is not valid for ‘Value’…” “System.Exception….at MarcEdit.frmMain.DoUpdate(String URL)” There are a handful of …

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Make a MARC File via COM (Function)

‘====================================================== ‘FUNCTION/SUB: Marc_Make ‘Description: Encapsulates the MarcMaker Functions ‘====================================================== Function Marc_Make(source, dest) Dim obj_MK Set obj_MK=CreateObject(“MARCEngine5.MARC21”) lret=obj_MK.MMaker(source, dest) Set obj_MK=Nothing Marc_Make=lret end function

Break a MARC File Via COM (Function)

‘====================================================== ‘FUNCTION/SUB: Marc_Break ‘Description: Encapsulates the MarcBreaker functions ‘====================================================== Function Marc_Break(source, dest) Dim obj_MB Dim lret if fso.FileExists(source)=false then msgbox “Local MarcFile Could not be located. Quitting” wscript.quit end if Set obj_MB=CreateObject(“MARCEngine5.MARC21”) lret=obj_MB.MarcFile(source, dest) set obj_MB=Nothing Marc_Break=lret end Function